Magpie Distilling is now the proud maker of &Peabody Spirits.

Our much loved (and sometimes feared) animal totem

Link to Article: Why do Magpies swoop and how can you avoid it?




We love Magpies.  There are several families that have territories around our Distillery and we are fortunate to watch them interact and with each other and with ourselves.



One thing we are aware of is that they watch everything that is going on, all the time.  They continually patrol to see off other itinerant Magpies, protect against predators (generally Crows and Eagles in this part of the country), and come and carol to us if they think they might scrounge a tidbit of food.



We respect them and know that we are in their territory.  Despite several nesting trees on our property, we have not been swooped.  We hope this relationship continues through future Magpie generations and Magpie families we will meet.



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